Cumulative List of Digital Art Installations and Performances


Thai Disco, Dec 31 2023, Château du Bonheur, Biel, Switzerland

Tropical Dirty Burgers, Nov 11 2023, Pantai Legian, Bali, Indonesia

Into the Woods, Jun 30 2023, Sihlmatt, Switzerland

Back to the 80s, Jun 16 2023, Back Room, Bali Indonesia

Pesta Tropical, Jun 16 2023, Pantai Legian, Bali, Indonesia

Go West, May 27/28 2023, Somewhere, Switzerland

Thai Disco Extra Hot, Apr 13 2023, Langstrassenkultur, Zurich, Switzerland


Live Visuals Book Launch, Nov 6 & 6 2022, BFI and Iklectik, London, UK

Back in Black, Oct 14 2022, Daniel H Bar, Zurich, Switzerland

Where’s Vincent?, Sep 5 2022, Istria, Croatia

Bleach, Jul 30 2022, Bali, Indonesia

Cortège, Jun 18 2022, Daniel H Bar, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco 12 XXL, Jun 10 2022, Sender, Zurich, Switzerland


Jazz in der Manegg, 30 Oct 2021, Studio D, Zurich Switzerland

Manege Manegg, Performance Night, Sep 18 2021, Studio D, Zurich Switzerland

Spin me Round, Sep 04 2021, Daniel H Bar, Zurich, Switzerland

S40, Aug 28 2021, Secret Location, Zurich, Switzerland

Manege Manegg, Aug 12 2021, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Manege Manegg, Jul 16 2021, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #11, Mar 26 2021, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland


Thai Disco #10, Dec 28 2020, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #9, Oct 10 2020, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #8, Aug 28 2020, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #7, Jun 19 2020, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland


No Lemons, Nov 30 2019, Secret Location, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #6, Nov 01 2019, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #5, Aug 08 2019, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #4, Apr 04 2019, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland


Thrashed Santa, Dec 06 2018, Hive Club, Zurich, Switzerland

vv40, Nov 23 2018, Salotto, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #3, Oct 12 2018, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #2, Jun 01 2018, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

m30, Jan 20 2018, Daniel H Bar, Zurich, Switzerland


Bad Santa, Dec 11 2018, Hive Club, Zurich, Switzerland

Thai Disco #1, Dec 02 2017, Studio D, Zurich, Switzerland

VERSUS, Aug 18 – 27 2017, Badenfahrt 2017, Baden, Switzerland


EPI Redux, Oct 20 2016, ROLEX Learning Center Forum, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

DEMO:POLIS, Mar 11 – May 31 2016, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

KunterMunter, May 14 2016, Provisorium, Olten, Switzerland


Apocalypse Project ^ The House of Futures, Sep 18 – 22 2015, swissnex San Francisco & Institute for the Future Palo Alto, USA

KunterMunter, May 23 2015, Provisorium, Olten, Switzerland


Dog2Dog, Oct 11 2014, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea

Fingerprint City, Oct 08 2014, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

SICU AR, Oct 08 2014, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Apocalypse Geeks, Oct 08 2014, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Ghetto on the Rocks, Jul 12 2014, Zurich, Switzerland

Electroziles, Jun 20 2014, Sion, Switzerland

Dirty Burger, Jan 25 2014, Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK


Umalas Rice Fields, Dec 13 2013, Warung Hotei, Bali

Return of the Villains, Sep 07 2013, Home Club, Singapore

Rochor+, Sep 05 2014, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore

SICU AR, Sep 05 2014, Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore

Friends, May 24 2013, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Ping, May 19 2013, Olten, Switzerland

Reclaim the Void, May 11 2013, Home Club, Singapore

Tease, Apr 26 2013, Zouk Phuture, Singapore

Simply simple, Apr 20 2013, Lucerne, Switzerland

Cue Up, Apr 05 2013, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Bassic with Commix, Mar 15 2013, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Play it again, or won’t you? Mar 08 2013, REPLAY @ SMU T-Junction, Singapore

Cue Up, Feb 22 2013, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Cue Up, Feb 02 2013, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Make ’em Higher, Jan 12 2013, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

Scuba (Libre), Jan 11 2013, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore


H.U.G.E., Dec 07 – 09 2012, ZoukOut’12, Siloso Beach, Singapore

Prêt-à-Porter, Dec 06, Da Paolo’s Bistro & Bar, Singapore. Digital Fashion Show in Collaboaration with the Institute of Media Innovation (IMI) at swissnex Singapore‘s End-of-2012 Party.

Cue Up, Nov 30 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

East eats West, Nov 09 2012, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

Tease, Nov 03 2012, Zouk Phuture, Singapore

Cue Up, Oct 26 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Marathon at Bar25 with robot_mixeur spinning, Oct 16 2012, CREATE, Singapore

S&V the Second with DJ Shoobernator, Sep 29 2012, Bern, Switzerland

Cadenza ^ 2 with Robert Dietz and Lee Van Dowski, Sep 28 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

A Day at the Races, Sep 21 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Betablocker, Sep 10 2012, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

Session 4, Aug 24 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Session 3, Aug 10 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Bladerunner, Jul 14 2012, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

Cadenza with Kenny Larkin and LAPS Live, Jun 09 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Betatest, Jun 09 2012, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

Burner, with Fritz Kalkbrenner, Jun 01 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

JJ in da House, with Jamie Jones and Jeremy Boon, May 05 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Say no Jazz, May 03 2012, Blu Jaz Cafe, Singapore

X-Rated: Happy Birthday Zouk!, Apr 21 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Call the Crows, Apr 20 2012, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

Session 2, Apr 06 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Black, Mar 23 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore
With Henrik Schwarz, Marcellus and robot_mixeur

Session 1Zouk Velvet Underground, Mar 21 2012. Singapore

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux @ Zouk’s Velvet Underground, Mar 16 2012. Singapore. With Tom Kuo (Toronto), Steve Gibson (Vancouver/Newcastle), Yazid Dyz (Singapore), Sho-B & Marcellus (Corebounce, Switzerland), robot_mixeur (Corebounce, Singapore)

Tunnelblickkkkk, Jan 13 2012, Tunnel Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

LEDs in the Sky with Diamonds @ Art Stage Singapore Opening Party, Jan 11 2012, Zouk Velvet Underground, Singapore

Good Morning ’12, Jan 01 2012, On the Beach, Singapore


Byebye ’11, Dec 31 2011, On the Beach, Singapore

Saint or Sinner? with Utah Saints, DJ Nord, Alan Dobson, et al., Nov 12 2011, Reading Rooms, Dundee, UK

Villains, Sep 17 2011, Home Club, Singapore

DJ Nord & robot_mixeur Live @ Culture Lab Radio, Jul 07 2011, Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK

Virtual VJ @ HCI11, Jul 07 2011, Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK

Virtual VJ @ CHI11, May 08 2011, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

DJ Nord & robot_mixeur Live @ Culture Lab Radio, Mar 24 2011. Live Stream from Singapore via UK


The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux @ DRHA10, Sep 05 – 08 2010. Brunel University, London, UK

Endorphine by Shit and Vomit, Sep 11 2010. Gaskessel, Bern, Switzerland

4×30, Sep 10 2010. GZ Wollishofen, Zurich, Switzerland

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux @ Digital Art Weeks Xi’an, Jul 03 2010. Xi’an, China


The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux @ Phoenix Launch, Nov 17 and 19 2009. Leicester, UK

Opening of ICAS (Institute for the Converging Arts and Sciences), Oct 17 2009. University of Greenwich, London, UK

Dada ante portas @ Hive Club Zurich with Special Guests, Sep 18 2009. Zurich, Switzerland

Fingerprint City, Aug, Sep 09 2009 (opening). Ars Electronica Centre, Linz, Austria

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux, May 29 2009. Computational Aesthetics 09, Victoria, BC, Canada


Mo’ Screens, mo’ corks, Oct 17 and 19 2008. Opening of the Value Lab at ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Santa Barbara Nights Closing Party, Sep 18 2008. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Bye bye, my surfboard’s gone…

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux, Aug 21 2008. Open Space, Victoria, BC, Canada

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux, Aug 01 2008. Swissnex San Francisco, San Francisco, USA. Supported by Swissnex San Francisco and Pro Helvetia.

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux. May 31 2008. Northbank Artist’s Gallery, part of the Electronic Literature Organization Conference, Vancouver, USA

Electroboy6. May 31, 2008. Rohstofflagerlagerlager, Zurich, Switzerland
T.Raumschmiere, MIA, Seelenluft, Audioporno.

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux. May 21 2008. Shelter Club, Shanghai, China
Exploding everything in an ancient fallout shelter…

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux. Apr 23 & 24 2008. Butterfly Social Club & Columbia College, Chicago, USA


Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable. Nov 17 2007. Open Space, Victoria, Canada
An indulgent explosion of electronic music, visual phantasma and free improvisation. → more

Digital Art Weeks 2007. Jul 10 – 14 2007, Various Locations, Zurich, Switzerland. Including Corebounce’s “Rip My Disk” (at Cabaret Voltaire), live visuals workshop and talks (at ETH’s Visdome), and the finale grande at ewz-Unterwerk Selnau with the “Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable” reloaded.

Rohstofflager 10th Anniversary. Jun 09 2007, Rohstofflalalager, Zurich, Switzerland

Tweakfest 2007. May 24 – 26 2007. Zurich West, Switzerland

M4Music. May 11 2007. Schiffbau & Moods, Zurich, Switzerland

Trax: Dave Clarke. Feb 03 2007. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland
Doet wo de clarke motoret isch t’Hitz dihei… (Hannes Hug)

Solothurn Film Festival. Jan 27 2007. Solothurn, Switzerland

Hexadance 10th Anniversary. Jan 26 2007. Hive Club, Zurich, Switzerland


Bright Northern Lights. Dec 30 2006. Hive Club, Zurich, Switzerland

Champagne. Dec 09 2006. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland
Its our 5th anniversary! Miss Kittin and The Hacker will join us. Will you too?

Trax: DJ Rush. Nov 25 2006. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland
Rush hour!

Dekadance. Nov 04 2006. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland
Scheinwerfer live visuals on Syntosil decor to the music of Sven Väth, the master of mind games.

Apocalypse. Oct 25 2006. Fishbon, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
The devil greeted us at the door … and the illuminated dragon waited inside!

Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable. Oct 21 2006. Open Space, Victoria, Canada. A pop explosion of electronic music, halluconogenic video and free improvisation with NUTHRE (Victoria), i send data live (Victoria), Channel 10 (Victoria), Steve Gibson (Victoria), and Scheinwerfer.

Ring My String. Oct 10 2006. Superzero, Zurich, Switzerland. Scheinwerfer live visuals at Zurich Film Festival / onedotzero.

Digital Marionette II. Aug 29 2006 (opening). Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria. The reincarnation of a previous Corebounce installation, this time at the Ars Electronica Center’s permanent exhibition.

Moving City II. Aug 13 2006. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. When I’m five I will walk behind the soldiers in the parade cause I’m only four and grown-ups walk too fast I paint moving images in the dark.

Digital Art Weeks Finnisage: Virtual DJ / Jump’n’Run. Jul 15 2006. Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland. Sounds, bits and moves by Steve Gibson (CAN), Randy Adams (CAN) and Leonard J. Paul (CAN) will let you immerse into a space of pixels and samples.

Almost Lost. Jul 12 2006. Digital Art Weeks, Zurich, Switzerland. Performance in collaboration with artist Heinrich Lüber. Projected shadows of venetian blinds create cracks in physical and virtual space that accompany the artist’s voice through space and time.

Trax: Jeff Mills. May 20 2006. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Lightning rides the bells: step to enchantment on the RSL b-day.

Trax: Critter’s Defloration. Mar 25 2006. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Decklight officially got the HDready logo: 4096×768 on 4 screens … inevitable immersion at discretion.

The Shining. Jan 29 2006. Shine Dance Club, Vancouver, Canada. Scheinwerfer shines with chic translucent visuals at the Shine, Vancouver’s favorite dance club.

Rip My Disk. Jan 27 2006. Interactive Futures, Victoria, Canada. Just in time, interactive, and mobile-tech enhanced visual squeaks at Interactive Futures / Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival. In collaboration with god’s own prototypes never considered for mass production, Tom Kuo (aka Task), Steve Gibson, Jackson 2 Bears, Randy Adams, and Tanja Doody.


Fridazed. Dec 23 2005. Liquid Bar, Zurich, Switzerland

Trax: Collabs 3000 “Metalism”. Nov 26 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Special visual session featuring Dec & P (Corebounce assoc./Sao Paolo & Zurich) in a 6 hours non-stop live set.

TechnoLogically. Nov 18 2005. Telegraph, Brixton, London, UK. Automatic pixel control, lightning microcuts and paranoid dancers in your favourite Brixton hot spot.

Trax: This is Electro. Oct 29 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Legendary Anthony Rother and crew in Switzerland’s finest club with its amazing visuals setup (7 approved screens).

Electroboy CD Release. Oct 13 2005. Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland. You’re going to be X-rayped!

Captain’s Rave III. Oct 01 2005. Dachkantine Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Pimps, pearls and queens; more daiquiris, bondgirls and bikinis; plus vanity, fantasy and – for the benefit of Mr. Kite – imagery.

Trax: DJ Rush. Sep 24 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Ground control to Major Rush: Commencing countdown, engines on. We got five projections in spaceship one.

eScapingReality – Surréance. Aug 20 2005. ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. Flickers and flashes accompanying an electronic adaptation of André Breton’s “Barrières”.

Moving City. Aug 13 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. This year’s parade brings you loads of shiny screens together with Fisherspooner, Kittin, Clarke, Liebling, Lekebusch, etc etc … and for your eyes only: Scheinwerfer!

Legal’05 – Fanzine Benefiz Clash. Jul 23 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Hit the lights! … a visuals cave in the 7m high white Stratos room with 2 decklight engines.

Mental Groove. Jun 04 2005. Weetamix Club, Geneva, Switzerland. Miss Kittin, Water Lilly and Scheinwerfer will give you professional distortion, plastique kisses and good looks!

Trax: Cruisin. May 28 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Funky techno with percussion by Monika Kruse and spritzy visuals with flashes by Scheinwerfer.

Motocross. May 26 2005. Besame Mucho, Zurich, Switzerland. A ride on the electronical highway together with Josh Wink. Burning down the road!

M4Music. Apr 23 2005. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Plane crashes, funny glows, Paris Hilton and other rock’n’roll highway disasters… it’s gonna be quite a ride!

Worlds of Knowledge. Apr 23 & April 25 2005. Landesmuseum, Zurich, Switzerland. Live performance at the ETH Zurich’s 150th anniversary.

Han Solo and the Bus Robbers. Apr 08 2005. Weetamix Club, Geneva, Switzerland. Live visuals supporting DJ Jeff Mills.

Shuffle. Mar 19 2005. Corsica Studios, Elephant and Castle, South London, UK. Enjoy this filthy shuffle without ruffle.

Caprices. Mar 05 2005. Petite Scene, Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Live visuals to the sounds of Detroit legends Derrick May and Jeff Mills … visual mayhem in the mountains guaranteed!!!


Electroboy Light. Dec 03 2004. Barfüsser Bar, Zurich, Switzerland

TechnoLogical. Nov 19 2004. Telegraph, Brixton, London, UK. No sleep till Brixton: Alexander Kowalski and Scheinwerfer doing it live at the Brixton Telegraph.

Designers’ Saturday. Nov 06 2004. Werkhalle König, Langenthal, Switzerland. Crystal lighting installation for diner; illumination of several trucks and a smokestack; and of course dancefloor visuals on four screens. In cooperation with Swarovski, Swisscom and Glas Trösch.

The Jakarta Session. Oct 05 2004. Zoom Jazz Club, Jakarta, Indonesia. Improvisational free jazz and visual performance in cooperation with the Geisser/Mazzola Duo and Wartajazz.

Urban Soundsystem. Aug 28 2004. Grabenhalle Club, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Local Underground. Aug 27 2004. Labyrinth Club, Zurich, Switzerland

Exstacy. Aug 07 2004. Dachkantine Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Bass in the city, party on the roof and visuals in the sky: TV screens and wall projections a gogo.

Jolly Jumper. Aug 06 2004. Colliery Club (aka Grubenstrasse), Zurich, Switzerland. Magical parade warm-up with chill-out visuals of the third kind (diamonds, revolvers and a walrus).

Finissage. Jun 18 2004. Aera Club, Zurich, Switzerland. The last motion picture at the famous club…

Digitale Marionette. Jun 11 – Sept 12 2004. Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland. Interactive installation where visitors can direct a virtual 3D face through high-level emotions and natural speech.

Abundzu. May 28 – May 31 2004. Berghotel Schatzalp, Davos, Switzerland. Chill-out and lounge visuals in a very decent location in the Swiss mountains using numerous projectors.

Glueckstueck. May 22 2004. Bogen 13 Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Visuals for our friends of Glueckstueck at the legendary club with its huge and immersive silver screen.

Shuffle. Apr 16 2004. Corsica Studios, Elephant and Castle, South London, UK. After the performance at Notting Hill Arts Club, Scheinwerfer shines again in the sordid city of London.

M4Music. Apr 02 2004. Rohstofflager, Zurich, Switzerland. Concert visuals on 4 Screens for Jimi Tenor and Mouse on Mars; pumping dance visuals for Miss Kittin and Luciano.

Resident Poker. Mar 19 2004. Aera Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Blinded dance visuals on two screens to the sounds of Jeff Bennett et al.

Basstard. Feb 27/28 2004. Dachkantine Club, Zurich, Switzerland

Babyshake: Perlon Label Night. Jan 23 2004. Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland

Reboot. Jan 17 2004. Dachkantine Club, Zurich, Switzerland

Sender Berlin. Jan 16 2004. Aera Club Reopening, Zurich, Switzerland


New Year’s Eve. Dec 31 2003. Fri-Son Club, Fribourg, Switzerland

V25. Nov 22 2003. Daniel H Bar, Zurich, Switzerland

Captain’s Rave. Oct 25 2003. Dachkantine Club, Zurich, Switzerland

Chemistry. Oct 04 2003. Centro Club, Singapore. Dance visuals on 3 screens and multiple plasma displays using Soundium2 coupled to the club’s video system.

Chambao. Sep 20 2003. Pede Galejo Bar. Malaga, Spain

Electronique 03. Aug 02 2003. Rohstofflager Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Dance visuals on 2 screens using Soundium2, cameras and a video mixing console.

Spotlight. Jul 18 2003. Vulkaro, Zurich, Switzerland

Sticky Rice. Jun 16 2003. Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK. Fashion show, exhibition, and dance visuals on 2 screens.

FD Lite. May 30 2003. Fri-Son Club, Fribourg, Switzerland

Chromolux. May 30 2003. Bruchteil, Zurich, Switzerland

Treatment by Glueckstueck. May 16 2003. Aera Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Lounge and dance visuals on 4 screens using Soundium2 and video mixing console (for endoscopic video footage); visual parameter modification through environmental sensors (e.g., temperature, pressure); several endoscopic slide projections.

Tokyo. Apr 16 2003. Fri-Son Club, Fribourg, Switzerland

Imagina 03. Feb 03 – 05 2003. Grimaldi Forum, Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Live 3D speech synthesis using Soundium2 with integrated speech analysis components. In cooperation with BIWI/ETHZ, IFI/UNIZH, and Swisscom.


Babyshake. Nov 29 2002. Turbinenhalle, Zurich, Switzerland

Plaquette. Nov 16 2002. Abstract Club, Lausanne, Switzerland

Musik-Denken-Spielen. Oct 26 2002. School of Music, Drama and Dance, Zurich, Switzerland
Visualisation of EEG-Feedback (of Free Jazz Pianist Guerino Mazzola) via MIDI using Soundium2. In cooperation with MML/UNIZH.

Ohral. Sep 28 2002. Bogen 13 Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Beans for free!!!

Glueckstueck. Jul 05 2002. Bogen 13 Club, Zurich, Switzerland. Sun steam hammer.


Silence. Dec 07 2001. Rote Fabrik, Clubraum, Zurich, Switzerland. And the core started to bounce…