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Mobile Systems Architectures Lecture

The lecture “Mobile Systems Architectures 1 & 2”, taught at the Computer Systems Institute of ETH Zurich in 2006 and 2007, was realised in collaboration with Swisscom, and took an integral approach to mobile computing from a “systems view”. The course was targeted at master programme students with an interest in mobile applications and systems design. Its goal was to provide in-depth knowledge of all architectural aspects of today’s mobile systems and to prepare the students for taking a leading role in designing and implementing tomorrow’s mobile systems and application models. The course will directly benefited from the Institute’s internationally acknowledged research competence in systems construction. Swisscom contributed its competence and technicall skills as leading mobile network operator. Continue reading

SQEAK – Real-time Multiuser Interaction Using Cellphones

This research project explored one approach to providing mobile phone users with a simple low cost real-time user interface allowing them to control highly interactive public space applications involving a single user or a large number of simultaneous users. Continue reading

In 15 Minutes Everybody Will Be Famous

I recently (2012) stepped across this submission again, and was surprised and also feeling a bit depressed that we never fully realised this piece at that time – this was before facebook & co took off, see “the next hype” box in the picture below. Anyway, the concept is still here, and I believe the assertion is still valid. Continue reading