Book: Digital Urban Modeling and Simulation

Edited by Stefan Müller Arisona, Gideon Aschwanden, Jan Halatsch, and Peter Wonka, 2012

About this Book

This book is thematically positioned at the intersections of Urban Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Computer Science, and it has the goal to provide specialists coming from respective fields a multi-angle overview of state-of-the-art work currently being carried out. It addresses both newcomers who wish to obtain more knowledge about this growing area of interest, as well as established researchers and practitioners who want to keep up to date. In terms of organization, the volume starts out with chapters looking at the domain at a wide-angle and then moves focus towards technical viewpoints and approaches. (Excerpt from preface by Stefan Müller Arisona).


Part I: Introduction

1. A Planning Environment for the Design of Future Cities – Gerhard Schmitt

2. Calculating Cities – Bharat Dave

3. The City as a Socio-technical System: A Spatial Reformulation in the Light of the Levels Problem and the Parallel Problem – Bill Hillier

4. Technology-Augmented Changes in the Design and Delivery of the Built Environment – Martin Riese

Part II: Parametric Models and Information Modeling

5. City Induction: A Model for Formulating, Generating, and Evaluating Urban Designs – José P. Duarte, José N. Beirão, Nuno Montenegro, and Jorge Gil

6. Sortal Grammars for Urban Design: A Sortal Approach to Urban Data Modeling and Generation – Rudi Stouffs, José N. Beirão, and José P. Duarte

7. Sort Machines – Thomas Grasl and Athanassios Economou

8. Modeling Water Use for Sustainable Urban Design – Ramesh Krishnamurti, Tajin Biswas, and Tsung-Hsien Wang

Part III: Behavior Modeling and Simulation

9. Simulation Heuristics for Urban Design – Christian Derix, Åsmund Gamlesæter, Pablo Miranda, Lucy Helme, and Karl Kropf

10. Running Urban Microsimulations Consistently with Real-World Data – Gunnar Flötteröod and Michel Bierlaire

11. Urban Energy Flow Modelling: A Data-Aware Approach – Diane Perez and Darren Robinson

12. Interactive Large-Scale Crowd Simulation – Dinesh Manocha and Ming C. Lin

13. An Information Theoretical Approach to Crowd Simulation – Cagatay Turkay, Emre Koc, and Selim Balcisoy

14. Integrating Urban Simulation and Visualization – Daniel G. Aliaga

Part IV: Visualization, Collaboration and Interaction

15. Visualization and Decision Support Tools in Urban Planning – Antje Kunze, Remo Burkhard, Serge Gebhardt, and Bige Tuncer

16. Spatiotemporal Visualisation: A Survey and Outlook – Chen Zhong, Tao Wang, Wei Zeng, and Stefan Müller Arisona

17. Multi-touch Wall Displays for Informational and Interactive Collaborative Space – Ian Vince McLoughlin, Li Ming Ang, and Wooi Boon Goh

18. Testing Guide Signs’ Visibility for Pedestrians in Motion by an Immersive Visual Simulation System – Ryuzo Ohno and Yohei Wada

Publisher: Springer, Berlin Heidelberg
Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 242
Editors: Müller Arisona, S.; Aschwanden, G.; Halatsch, J.; Wonka, P.
Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-642-29757-1