LEA Special Issue on Live Visuals

Special issue on Live Visuals in Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), edited by Özden Sahin, Lanfranco Aceti, Steve Gibson and Stefan Müller Arisona. http://www.leoalmanac.org/vol19-no3-live-visuals/

Live Visuals, Leonardo Electronic Almanac LEA, Volume 19 Issue 3

Key advancements in real-time graphics and video processing over the past five years have resulted in broad implications for a number of academic, research and commercial communities. They enabled interaction designers, live visualists (VJs), game programmers, and information architects to utilize the power of advanced digital technologies to model, render and effect visual information in real-time.

Real-time visuals have a profoundly different quality and therefore distinct requirements from linear visual forms such as narrative film. The use of visual elements in a live or non-linear context requires a consideration of insights and techniques from other “non-visual” practices such as music performance or human-computer interaction. The issue is organised under the general rubric of knowledge-sharing between disparate research bodies and disciplines. This allows for distinct and dispersed groups to come together in order to exchange information and techniques. A key concern is to bring a humanistic approach by considering the wider cultural context of these new developments.

The special issue explores the future of the moving image, simultaneously acknowledging and extending on recent artistic trends and technological developments. The issue is co-edited by Özden Sahin, Lanfranco Aceti, Steve GibsonStefan Müller Arisona.

Table of Contents

When Moving Images Become Alive!
Introduction by Lanfranco Aceti

Revisiting Cinema: Exploring The Exhibitive Merits Of Cinema From Nickelodeon Theatre To Immersive Arenas Of Tomorrow
by Brian Herczog

The Future Of Cinema: Finding New Meaning Through Live Interaction
by Dominic Smith

A Flexible Approach For Synchronizing Video With Live Music
by Don Ritter

Avatar Actors
by Elif Ayiter

Multi-Projection Films, Almost-Cinemas And Vj Remixes: Spatial Arrangements Of Moving Image Presence
by Gabriel Menotti

Machines Of The Audiovisual: The Development Of “Synthetic Audiovisual Interfaces” In The Avant-Garde Art Since The 1970s
by Jihoon Kim

New Photography: A Perverse Confusion Between The Live And The Real
by Kirk Woolford

Text-Mode And The Live Petscii Animations Of Raquel Meyers: Finding New Meaning Through Live Interaction
by Leonard J. Paul

Outsourcing The VJ: Collaborative Visuals Using The Audience’s Smartphones
by Tyler Freeman

AVVX: A Vector Graphics Tool For Audiovisual Performances
by Nuno N. Correia

Architectural Projections: Changing The Perception Of Architecture With Light
by Lukas Treyer, Stefan Müller Arisona & Gerhard Schmitt

In Darwin’s Garden: Temporality and Sense of Place
by Vince Dziekan, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Rowan Blaik & Alan Summers

Back To The Cross-Modal Object: A Look Back At Early Audiovisual Performance Through The Lens Of Objecthood
by Atau Tanaka

Structured Spontaneity: Responsive Art Meets Classical Music In A Collaborative Performance Of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
by Yana (Ioanna) Sakellion & Yan Da

Interactive Animation Techniques In The Generation And Documentation Of Systems Art
by Paul Goodfellow

Simulating Synesthesia In Spatially-Based Real-Time Audio-Visual Performance
by Steve Gibson

A ‘Real Time Image Conductor’ Or A Kind Of Cinema?: Towards Live Visual Effects
by Peter Richardson

Live Audio-Visual Art + First Nations Culture
by Jackson 2bears

Of Minimal Materialities And Maximal Amplitudes: A Provisional Manual Of Stroboscopic Noise Performance
by Jamie Allen

Visualization Technologies For Music, Dance, and Staging In Operas
by Guerino Mazzola, David Walsh, Lauren Butler, Aleksey Polukeyev

How An Audio-Visual Instrument Can Foster The Sonic Experience
by Adriana Sa

Gathering Audience Feedback On An Audiovisual Performance
by Léon McCarthy

Choreotopology: Complex Space In Choreography With Real-Time Video
by Kate Sicchio

Cinematics and Narratives: Movie Authoring & Design Focused Interaction
by Mark Chavez & Yun-Ke Chang

Improvising Synesthesia: Comprovisation Of Generative Graphics And Music
by Joshua B. Mailman

Title: Live Visuals
Editor: Özden Sahin
Volume Editors: Lanfranco Aceti, Steve Gibson, Stefan Müller Arisona
Journal: Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Publisher: MIT Press
Year: 2013
Volume: 19(3)
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-1-906897-22-2
ISSN: 1071-4391
Link: http://www.leoalmanac.org/vol19-no3-live-visuals/