SQEAK – Real-time Multiuser Interaction Using Cellphones

This research project explored one approach to providing mobile phone users with a simple low cost real-time user interface allowing them to control highly interactive public space applications involving a single user or a large number of simultaneous users.

In order to sense accurately the real-time hand movement gestures of mobile phone users, the method uses miniature accelerometers that send the orientation signals over the network’s audio channel to a central computer for signal processing and application delivery. This affords that there is minimal delay, minimal connection protocol incompatibility and minimal mobile phone type or version discrimination. Without the need for mass user compliance, large numbers of users could begin to control public space cultural and entertainment applications using simple gesture movements.

D. Majoe, S. Schubiger-Banz, A. Clay, and S. Müller Arisona. 2007. SQEAK: A Mobile Multi Platform Phone and Networks Gesture Sensor. In: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications (ICPCA07). Birmingham, UK, July 26 – 27.

Research: Project carried out at ETH Zurich
Location: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Timeframe: 2006 – 2007
Realisation: Stefan Müller Arisona, Simon Schubiger, Dennis Majoe, Art Clay
Collaborator: Swisscom Innovations