Surréance – A River and Five Bridges

Corebounce, in collaboration with Art Clay and Anne Faulborn, 2005

This radical, eye-and earblasting performance was realised in collaboration with Art Clay (Composition) and Anne Faulborn (Cembalo). Art Clay’s composition “A River and Five Bridges” is an electronic adaptation of André Bretons “Barrières” and asserts the affinity of rational and irrational.

The visual composition’s interpretation, realised by Corebounce, absorbs the assertion by implementing a modulated flickering screen. The modulation function is both defined by real-time music analysis and live visual performance. The flicker colors were obtained by two cutouts from Paul Klee’s “The Twittering Machine”, one in blue tones and one in red tones.

The piece premiered at ETH Zurich’s main building dome during Digital Art Weeks 2005.

Event: Digital Art Weeks 2005
Location: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Date: Aug 20 2005
Concept: Stefan Müller Arisona and Art Clay
Composition: Art Clay
Programming: Stefan Müller Arisona
Performance: Anne Faulborn, Stefan Müller Arisona, Art Clay