Projections of Reality (smartgeometry’13)

Projections of Reality engages in augmenting design processes involving physical models with real time spatial analysis. The work was initiated at smartgeometry’13 at UCL London in April 2013 and is currently continued at ETH Zurich’s Value Lab Asia in Singapore.

The work explores techniques of real time spatial analysis of architectural and urban design models: how physical models can be augmented with real-time 3D capture and analysis, enabling the architect to interact with the physical model whilst obtaining feedback from a computational analysis. We investigate possible workflows that close the cycle of designing and model making, analysing the design and feeding results back into the design cycle by projecting them back onto the physical model.

On a technical level, we are addressing the challenge of dealing with complex, unstructured data from real time scanning, e.g. a point cloud, which needs processing before it can be used in urban analysis. We will investigate strategies to extract information of the urban form targeted for design processes, using real time scanning devices (Microsoft Kinect, hand held laser scanners, etc.), open source 3D reconstruction software (reconstructMeQT) and post-processing of the input through parametric modelling (e.g. Processing, Rhino scripting, Generative Components).

The goal of the workshop at smartgeometry’13 was to create a working prototype of a physical urban model that is augmented with real-time analysis. We worked with the cluster participants to formulate a design concept of the prototype and to break down the challenge into individual modules, e.g. analysing and cleaning the geometry, algorithms for real time analysis, projecting imagery onto the physical model.

Cluster Champions: Stefan Müller Arisona, Eva Friedrich, Bruno Moser, Dominik Nüssen, Lukas Treyer
Cluster Participants: Piotr Baszynski, Moritz Cramer, Peter Ferguson, Rich Maddock, Teruyuki Nomura, Jessica In, Graham Shawcross, Reeti Sompura, Tsung-Hsien Wang
Year: 2013